What are Segments and how can I use them?

Segments are subsets of your Analytics data. For example, a segment might be users from a particular country or city or users who purchase a particular line of products or who visit a specific part of your site.

Here are some segments you can use with JustReact.

Segment IDSegment NameSegment Definition
gaid::-1 All Visits  
gaid::-2 New Visitors ga:visitorType==New Visitor
gaid::-3 Returning Visitors ga:visitorType==Returning Visitor
gaid::-4 Paid Search Traffic ga:medium==cpa,ga:medium==cpc,ga:medium==cpm,ga:medium==cpp,ga:medium==cpv,ga:medium==ppc
gaid::-5 Non-paid Search Traffic ga:medium==organic
gaid::-6 Search Traffic ga:medium==cpa,ga:medium==cpc,ga:medium==cpm,ga:medium==cpp,ga:medium==cpv,ga:medium==organic,ga:medium==ppc
gaid::-7 Direct Traffic ga:medium==(none)
gaid::-8 Referral Traffic ga:medium==referral
gaid::-9 Visits with Conversions ga:goalCompletionsAll>0
gaid::-10 Visits with Transactions ga:transactions>0
gaid::-11 Mobile Traffic ga:isMobile==Yes
gaid::-12 Non-bounce Visits ga:bounces==0

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